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Herbal tea with a ginger bit
250 ml BGN 1.50
“Illuminate your day” tea
/ginger, curcuma, lemon, honey/
250 ml BGN 1.50
50 ml BGN 1.50
Cappuccino with kernel milk and cinnamon
200 ml BGN 3.00
Warm kernel milk with honey
200 ml BGN 2.80
Hot chocolate
/kernel milk, Gaillot chocolate, raw cane sugar/
250 ml BGN 3.50
/lemon juice, mineral or soda water, honey or brown sugar on your option/250 ml BGN 2.50
/lemon juice, mineral or soda water, ginger, honey/250 ml BGN 2.50
Minted lemonade
/lemon juice, mineral or soda water, fresh mint, honey/ 250 ml BGN 2.50
/orange juice, mineral or soda water, honey or brown sugar/ 250 ml BGN 2.50
„Bankia” mineral water 330 ml BGN 1.00
„Bankia” mineral water 500 ml BGN 1.50
„Mihalkovo” naturally carbonated water 500 ml BGN 1.50
Fresh citrus fruit juice
/orange, grapefruit, lemon/
250 ml BGN 3.50
Fresh green apple juice 250 ml BGN3.50
“Green energy” fresh juice
/apple, spinach, parsley, lemon, ginger/ 250 ml BGN 4.00
“Detox” fresh juice
/apple, carrot, red beet, ginger/ 250 ml BGN 4.00
Hemp seed, sesame and cashew milk 250 ml BGN 3.50
Almond, Brazil nut and cashew milk
250 ml BGN 3.50
Optional additive:
- with carob BGN 0.30
- with organic Gaillot cocoa BGN 0.30
Kernel milk with seasonal fruits
250 ml BGN 3.50
Green smoothie
/banana, spinach, ginger/ 250 ml BGN4.00
Orange smoothie
/orange, banana, ginger/ 250 ml BGN3.50
Maca-chocolate shake
/banana, maca, cocoa, dates/ 250 ml BGN 5.20
Spirulina shake
/orange, banana, spirulina/ 250 ml BGN 5.20
Banana-tahini smoothie
/banana, tahini, honey, raw cocoa beans/ 250 ml BGN 5.20
Super smoothie
/orange, banana, super foods – chia, maca, spirulina/ 250 ml BGN 6.90

* The Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green algae which is used as a nourishment source because of its high protein content - 65% vitamins, minerals and carotenoids. It is a relative of the brown sea algae but is not an ocean plant. It is located in the slightly salty waters of many alkaline lakes.

* The small seeds recommended as superfood and a panacea known as chia of the Latin name Salvia Hispanica or Salvia Columbariae. Practically, these are the tiny seeds of two types of salvia.

* The Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a plant that grows high in the Peruvian Andes around Lake Junin. In growth, size and proportions the maca resembles radish and turnip. The most important part of the plant, which has earned its popularity, is the root.

Leavened bread rolls
/whole grain wheat and rye flour, spelt flour/ 100 g. BGN 1.20
Soda pita breads with spelt flour, fenugreek, oregano and sesame seeds
/spelt flour, fenugreek, oregano and sesame seeds / 75 g. BGN 1.00
Gluten-free bread rolls
/ground seeds of hemp, sesame, sunflower and gluten-free flours, honey/ 50 g. BGN 0.80
Crackers of hemp, sesame, sunflower seeds and spices 50 g. BGN 2.50
Kernel “cream cheese” with herbs and spices
100 g. BGN 1.50
Basil appetizer with Brazil nuts
100 g. BGN 3.20
Kernel spread with olives
100 g. BGN 1.80
100 g. BGN 2.80
Veggie Caprese
/tomato, kernel “cheese”, basil pesto with cedar nut kernels/ 300 g. BGN 4.90
/tomato, avocado, parsley, seed crackers, lemon, salt/ 300 g. BGN 7.80
/tomato, quinoa, parsley, onion, sprouts, lemon, olive oil/ 300 g. BGN 5.20
„Veggic” salad
/lettuce, spinach, cucumber, carrot, radishes, red onion, kernel cheese, sprouts, sesame, dressing/ 300 g. BGN 6.20
Motley salad
/carrot, beetroot, celery, parsley, sprouts, walnut kernels, lemon, olive oil/ 250 g. BGN 3.70
Greenleaf salad
/iceberg salad, rucola, cheery tomatoes, dry tomatoes, capers, veggie “parmesan”, balsamic reduction/ 200 g. BGN 5.20
Salad with chickpea
/chickpea, lettuce, peppers, carrots, masala, dressing/ 300 g. BGN 4.70
Fresh salad
/lettuce, rucola, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, ground chickpeas sauce/ 300 g. BGN 5.80
Salad with carrots and avocado
/carrots, avocado, parsley, sesame seeds and dressing/ 250 g. BGN 4.60
/sunflower seed paste, cucumber, dill, walnut kernels, olive oil, salt/ 250 g. BGN 4.90
300 g. BGN 3.50
Carrot soup with creamed coconut and ginger
300 g. BGN 3.50
“Green energy” soup
/with spinach, parsley and avocado/ 300 g. BGN 3.50
Cucumber soup with kernel milk
300 g. BGN 3.50
„Veggic” sandwiches with crackers, hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts and nigella seeds
250 g. BGN 6.00
Sushi with nori, avocado, vegetable marrow, cucumber, carrot and tomato
200 g. BGN 6.00
Spaghetti squash with cheery tomatoes, olives, capers, cedar nuts kernels, basil pesto and balsamic reduction
300 g. BGN 5.40

* The raw vegan diet completely excludes the processes of cooking, frying and baking and if heat treatment is required, the food is dried to 48 degrees. Only in this case the enzymes, vitamins and microelements are bioactive, easily digested and preserved. Natural, pure food can help us to be vital, energetic and healthy whereas unnatural, refined, highly treated and processed food, full of pesticides, chemicals and artificial additives can lead exactly to the opposite.

Broccoli with “cheeses”
/Cheeses made on the spot from germinated sunflower seeds, cashew and Brazil nuts/ 300 g. BGN 6.80
Brown rice with lime and maple syrup
300 g. BGN 4.50
Brown rice with tomatoes, olives, oregano and fresh basil
300 g. BGN 3.50
Brown rice with saffron, peas, raisins, cashew nuts, coconut flakes and masala
300 g. BGN 4.70
Buckwheat with tomatoes, nut-based “cheese” and parsley
300 g. BGN 5.90
Quinoa with vegetables and fresh basil
300 g. BGN 6.90
Chickpeas and Quinoa with rucola, spinach and red pepper
300 g. BGN 6.30
Whole wheat pasta
/whole wheat pasta, roasted red peppers, tomato juice, olives, capers, fresh basil, oregano / 300 g. BGN 5.60
Bio Whole Kamut pasta
/whole kamut pasta, sunflower seed paste, cheery tomatoes, asparagus, dry tomatoes and veggie “parmesan”/ 300 g. BGN 6.70
Chocolate energetic pyramids
15 g. BGN 1.00
Raffaello candies with cashew, almond, coconut butter, coconut, honey
15 g. BGN 0.80
Cake from the refrigerator showcase
Bio white wine
250 ml BGN 5.00
Bio rosé wine
250 ml BGN 5.00
A glass of white wine
150 ml BGN 2.00
A glass of red wine
150 ml BGN2.50
Kamenitza beer
500 ml BGN 2.20
500 ml BGN 2.50
Stella Artois
330 ml BGN 2.50